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Curate, International Collections, NY
→ Corporate Design, Exhibition Design


Exhibition Photos by Philip Vukelich

Curate International Collections New York Corporate Design Exhibition Design
Curate International Collections New York Corporate Design Exhibition Design

→ Corporate Design

gruppeomp Corporate Design Bureau Hardy Seiler
gruppeomp Corporate Design Bureau Hardy Seiler
gruppeomp Corporate Design Bureau Hardy Seiler

Bombax — Feuerbach Quartett
→ Compact Disc Cover Artwork

Compact Disc cover artwork Hardy Seiler
Compact Disc cover artwork Hardy Seiler
Compact Disc cover artwork Hardy Seiler

18. Lange Nacht der Theater (2019)
→ Poster

Lange Nacht der Theater Poster Design Hardy Seiler

Freies Theater Hannover
→ Special Publication

We’re proud to present a publication we were working on for Freies Theater Hannover over the last weeks. Inspired by their logo we choose a binding of two ribbons in combination with a diagonal cutout for the cover. Inside you find informations about the different theatres on separate cards. You can always add or remove new ones. The first card is a special one with different Pantone colours, papers and structures combined. 


In collaboration with Letterjazz


PHASE XI – An Expedition with the Cultural and Creative Industries
→ Book/Editorial Design

PHASE XI is a drawing board to shape the future, a game of questions and answers, played out with the cultural and creative industries and intended to design tomorrow’s society and business sector. This project was a journey for everyone involved, a trial protocol, a step forward, an expedition and an experiment. You will need both hands to read this book. You will have to spin it back and forth, switch perspectives and change directions. You might even be asked to turn it upside down. Perhaps you will lose your way here and there and then start a fresh at a different point. You will zoom in on aspects and then back out again. Doubtless you will disassemble the individual pieces and put them all back together later on. You could even be asked to bash something to smithereens. It is by no means far-fetched that this book will leave you annoyed and then astonished just an instant later. And at the end, we hope, besides the answers you will surely receive, you’ll have many new questions as well. 

To understand better how the book looks like - we created this simple video. Enjoy!


Photos: StudioTusch


Freies Theater Hannover
→ Poster

Kammermusik-Gemeinde Hannover
→ Poster


Berlin Poster Series
In collaboration with Ilina Catana 


Träumst du manchmal von Amerika? - von Amerika? Träumst du manchmal
→ Editorial Design for Documentary Photographer Mario Wezel.


Objects - The Journal of Applied Arts
→ Logo & Editorial Design

For the Objects Magazine Redesign we got
awarded by the German Design Council. 


The design magazine OBJECTS is characterised by demanding standards of content and a quality-oriented target group with a strong cultural interest. OBJECTS celebrates the revival of handicrafts and discusses trends in art, craft and design. The aim of the redesign is to communicate these values visually through a contemporary yet low-key design. Hardy Seiler delivers a redesign that does full justice to the innovative and artistic subject matter. Embossed titles, a fun layout and vivid colours encourage the reader to pick up and leaf through. The handy format is reminiscent of book art and the paper conveys the high-quality production. Typographically, current and traditional values are combined, as in modern handicrafts.


Art Direction Bureau Hardy Seiler
with the kind support of Ilina Catana,
Mami Maeda & Simon Kondermann


Deutsche Manufakturenstrasse

Corporate Design und Website für die Deutsche Manufakturenstrasse, eine fast 2.500 km lange Erlebnisstrasse, die zu den wichtigsten Manufakturen Deutschlands führt. Die Routen erstrecken sich von der Ostsee bis zum Bodensee und berühren dabei alle 16 Bundesländer.


→ Corporate Design Relaunch for printery BWH


In collaboration with Created by Monkeys


Jazz Gut unterwegs

Jazz Gut Unterwegs zeigt, wo die Szene steht. Die Reihe holt Newcomer und etablierte Künstler, die maßgeblich das Gesicht des aktuellen, zeitgenössischen Jazz prägen. Die Reihe lebt von neugieriger Erwartung, von Mut und Offenheit für modernen Jazz.


With the kind support of Ilina Catana, Photos Felix Kahlo


kalt & unheimlich
→ Grand opening - invitation card


Masala Festival
→ Brand Identity

Masala Weltbeat Festival is a celebration of contemporary and traditional world music that looks to arouse curiosity and develop interest in the many cultures of the world under the unifying presence of music. Masala takes place in venues and on stages in and around the German city of Hannover, hosts over 4,000 musicians from 90 countries and also runs workshops, dance classes, exhibitions, theatre performances, a world market and programmes designed for children and families. This year we have been invited to pitch for a new brand identity concept that could extend across mailers, posters, record sleeves, flyers and programmes. We had the pleasure to submit following designs:


Photos by Felix Kahlo


Apfel Direktsaft
→ Packaging Design

Photos by Felix Kahlo


Erfolgreichste Sparkasse Award 2015
→ Invitation Card


Photos by Felix Kahlo


Made By: Self

Hintergrund des Projektes sind die im klassischen Kulturbereich häufig fehlenden Beteiligungsmöglichkeiten bei Veranstaltungsformaten. Abendveranstaltungen sind ein wichtiger sozialer Treffpunkt für junge Menschen, der vielfältige kulturelle und soziale Anknüpfungspunkte bietet und dem kulturellen Zeitgeist junger Menschen entspricht. In zwei Phasen werden verschiedene kulturelle Bildungsworkshops durchgeführt, um den Teilnehmenden aktivierende Freiräume zu bieten und notwendiges Wissen begleitend zu vermitteln, auf dessen Grundlage sie als jeweiligen Abschluss eine eigenständige Party nach ihren Vorstellungen veranstalten werden.

MB:S is a project that promotes the engagement of young people in cultural events. Participants experience various workshops and learn how to organize an event independently. The announcement poster makes use of the theme of the evening event with strong and dark colors as well as an abstracted starry sky. The three-color 4c special print provides radiance and draws attention to the important topic of cultural participation. The entwined design stands for the interlacing of various workshops and conveys the idea of teamwork. In doing so, the design ignores the folding of the flyer, just as the project breaks boundaries.

Photo by Felix Kahlo


The Changing Face

A poster for the every day changing mood. Rotate the print 180° to show how you feel. High-quality silkscreen print on Paper. 
Available in our webshop.

Poster photo 2.jpg
Poster photo.jpg


Mit der iOS-App urBeach beschreiben und bewerten User Strände auf der ganzen Welt. So finden andere überall den für sich besten Strand zum Baden, Surfen oder Relaxen. Für das gleichnamige Startup wurden Logo und User Interface entwickelt. Die Bildmarke ist eine Kombination aus Ortsmarke, Welle und Sonne. Eine intuitive Benutzerführung erleichtert die schnelle Foto- und Dateneingabe. Die App-optimierte Schrift Revisal von Type Dynamic sorgt für eine gute Lesbarkeit. Dabei folgt die Linienstärke der Icons der Linienstärke der Buchstaben. Das Farbkonzept greift das satte Kolorit von Strand und Meer, Sonne und Himmel auf.


Photos by Felix Kahlo


Freies Theater Hannover
→ Corporate design relaunch, in collaboration with "Created by Monkeys".

Das Freie Theater Hannover ist ein Zusammenschluss verschiedener unabhängiger Ensembles und Spielorte mit einem breiten Spektrum von Darstellungsformen und Zielgruppen. Geboten werden klassisches und modernes Theater ebenso wie Tanztheater, Musicals und Figurentheater. Diese bunte Vielfalt sollte unter einer identitätsstiftenden Dachmarke vereint werden, ohne die unterschiedlichen Ästhetiken und Temperamente zu verlieren.

Der gemeinsame Entwurf von Bureau Hardy Seiler und Created by Monkeys gewann die Ausschreibung zur Neuentwicklung von Kommunikationkonzept und Corporate Design. Neben der Geschäftsausstattung wird seitdem sämtliches Marketingmaterial umgesetzt.

Zentrales Element ist die Bildmarke, die die Initialen von „Freies Theater Hannover“ zu dem mathematischen Zeichen für Ungleichheit zusammenfügt. Kombiniert wird diese mit klaren geometrischen Formen in kräftigen Farben.

Der Spielplan ist ein Folder. Das Plakat auf der Vorderseite zeigt die Bildmarke offensiv im Mittelpunkt. Den Hintergrund bildet eine abstrakte künstlerische Komposition aus dem aktuellen Premierenprogramm. Geometrische Elemente und Figuren fügen sich zu einem Bild zusammen, das zu einer Entdeckungsreise einlädt. Die Rückseite informiert über das gesamte Programm zweier Monate.

Die Geschäftssausstattung kombiniert umgekehrt Wort- und Bildmarke und Informationen auf der Vorderseite sowie farbige geometrische Formen und die prominent platzierte Bildmarke auf der Rückseite.

Freies Theater Hannover Corporate Design
Freies Theater Hannover Corporate Design
Freies Theater Hannover Corporate Design
Freies Theater Hannover Corporate Design


Lenscleaner Corporate Design
Corporate Design Lenscleaner

Jazz im Gut


Out The Box

Out The Box is a quarterly event where talented graphic designers are asked to improvise inspired by objects taken out of a box. The speakers don’t have a clue about what's inside. This exposes the speakers and presents them in an unpredictable, unscripted and unrehearsed manner. So far Eike König, Deutsche Japaner, Mario Lombardo, Andreas Uebele, Peter ZizkaWillem Stratmann, On No Oh Yes and Trapped in Suburbia visited us at Out The Box. Each person attending the event receives a screen print poster designed by the guest speaker.


Where Things Come From

The internet has established itself as a repository of knowledge. The lion’s share of the world’s knowledge, experience and information resides on server farms and can be accessed by anyone at any time.

The work focuses on the shift of knowledge onto the internet and a question that arises from that shift: What will we still want to know when all information is permanently available?

Through an emotional grandfather/grandson relationship, the trailer illustrates how the transfer of knowledge has changed in the last three generations. At the same time, it deals with the difference between analogue and digital knowledge.

The video won several awards, among them the ADC
(Art Directors Club, Germany) newcomer award 2013.